Front-end Web Developer

Experienced automation technician

Graduate of Master's degree in Electrical engineering


Personal projects made for learning purposes to showcase web development abilities

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Hello! My name is

Audrius Skersys

Ever since I was young I've been very into coding: Visual Basic, Pascal and tweaking CSS for Blogger themes as I've always had a passion for typefaces, layouts and design.

I was totally amazed by the magic of entering a code and breathing life into things.

Years in the tech career have made me a solid problem solver.

Each problem is unique and requires creativity and perseverance, which are my most valuable skills.

Moreover, I have acquired skills in logical thinking, engineering and handling complex projects.

Ever since I started learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, my enthusiasm for programming has resurfaced.

I'm very grateful for every day that let me learn something new, starting from unfamiliar functions to amazing frameworks.

To combine all these skills, I am looking forward to be part of your team.

It would be great pleasure if you contacted me

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I am incredibly curious of what you have to tell me!